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Precision Shape Memory Alloy Wires, Springs, Auxiliary Products and Custom Packaging.

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Wire is the motor that moves the teeth. Selecting the correct material, shape, and size is critical. Ultimate specializes in Copper Nickel Titanium, Nickel Titanium, ßIII-CNA®, and Stainless Steel wire in archwires, lengths, and spools.


Whether the goal is opening, closing, or maintaining space, we have a spring to do the job! Nickel Titanium’s qualities make it the choice in Compression, Extension, Distalizing, and separation situations. We also offer Stainless Steel springs as an alternative.


Precision orthodontic movement often requires more than brackets and wires. That’s where our Auxiliary Products answer the call. Ligature wires, ties, hooks, and stops – each with a special role to play.

Custom Packaging

Your image is your product too! Presenting these high-quality products in your custom packaging can build your brand and boost your image. We offer many avenues of customization to meet your budget and goals.

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