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Archwire Assembly with Non-Linear Crimpable Orthodontic Stop and Method of Manufacture
[Pre-stopped Orthodontic Archwires]

  • Patent No: US 9,084,652
  • Patent No: US 9,999,482

Handle for Crimpable Orthodontic Archwire Stop, Archwire Assembly and Method of Using
[SCORE® Assembly]

Patent No:  US 8,376,741

Fishing Rod Guides, Tops and Hook Keepers and Method 

Patent No: US 6,612,065 B1 

Elastically Supported Wear Resistant Line Guide and Method of Manufacture

Patent No:  US 10,349,643 B2

Breakaway Link or Connector

Patent No:  US 6,460,225
Canada Pat. 2,407,427