Shape Memory Alloys

Wire forms are used across diverse industries, including medical, industrial, transport, defense, recreation, electronics, HVAC, and construction.  Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, Ultimate Wireforms is drawing, rolling, stamping, swaging and forming metals.  

While wire often has a round cross-section, it may also be shaped to have square or rectangular cross sections.

Ultimate Wireforms specializes in shape memory alloys, offering five different Nickel Titanium alloys and two Copper Nickel Titanium alloys. We have implemented advanced process techniques to ensure precise control over wire forces in each batch.

Nickel Titanium (NiTi) alloys

are comprised of approximately 55% Nickel (Ni) and 45% Titanium (Ti).  All NiTi wires exhibit unique “Superelastic” performance characteristics, providing:

Light to moderate, consistent forces.

Responsiveness to chilling.

Near consistent force over a long activation period.

Excellent resiliency, resulting in high resistance to permanent set.

High flexibility.

In addition, Nickel Titanium wire may also demonstrate a heat-activated "Shape Memory" effect produced through a tightly controlled manufacturing process.

Copper Nickel Titanium (Cu NiTi) alloy

is made-up of 49.1% Nickel (Ni), 44.5% Titanium (Ti), 6% Copper (Cu), and trace amount of Chromium (Cr).  The addition of Copper to the Nickel Titanium alloy provides increased cyclic performance, superior ductility, and near-constant forces.

Excellent ductility; little deformation after repeated cycles.

Narrowed stress hysteresis than that of traditional NiTi.

Controlled transformation properties.

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